Fall Wish List

Fall Wish List


The Gap Tooth

As a gap-toothed girl, I haven’t always been confident about my teeth. I begged my parents to let me get braces and constantly smiled without showing my teeth. Boys said they would date me if I didn’t have a gap between my teeth. Seriously. It wasn’t until I was about 17/18 that I stopped caring about having perfect teeth and started smiling again properly.

One night, I was at an engagement party (I was 17 at the time), and an older lady came up to me and struck up a conversation about my teeth.

Lady – “Oh dear, I used to have a gap too! I recently got it fixed and it changed my life! I’m so much more confident! When are you getting yours fixed?”

Me – “That’s nice that you feel more confident now!. I don’t want to get mine fixed though, I like it the way it is” *flashes smile*

Lady – *smile fades* “But…it’s not exactly normal. You will feel better once you get it fixed. Go see Dr Derp.”

Me – “No thank you.”

Lady – *looks at me pitifully and walks away*

Yup. That really happened. I couldn’t believe it. I understand if this lovely lady felt bad about her own teeth and wanted to change it. That’s her choice and I respect it. But she was quite persistent in asking me to change mine. Um, no I don’t think so :B.

The gap tooth look has recently come back into vogue (but for those of us who sport them, they never go out of style). I’ve done up a Gap Tooth timeline of famous spacey ladies that have graced the silver screen and catwalks.

gap teeth goddesses

What do you think of the gap tooth “trend”?  I am seriously thinking of doing a feature on these women (and more, don’t have to be uber famous) to celebrate gapped teeth. What do you think?

Stay Minty!

Kate Xx

Outta This World

Outta This World

White tank

Leather boots
$195 – windsorsmith.com.au

The Moodys

Entree iphone case

Lime Crime lipstick
$20 – beginningboutique.com.au

MUGLER fragrance
$81 – harrods.com
In light of my Perfume Review of Theirry Mugler’s Alien, I thought I would put together this little collection to celebrate our universal neighbours!
I love the galaxy trend (I know this might be getting a little tired, but I am still in awe of their beauty, and being able to capture that on clothing and accessories!) and the new (or revisited) holographic trend is something I would love incorporate into a look. I really like the idea of having a holographic or clear purse 🙂
Do you like the Alien trend? Do you believe in Aliens?
Stay Minty!
Kate Xx